I am looking for quilting fabric if anyone has any they no longer want I would gladly be able to use it. thank you
Wanted 2 twin bed box springs. can pick them up. willing to travel. movers lost ours, not sure how. Thanks in advance.
Wanted queen sized bed for my Daughter. I can pick up. Thanks in advance.
So... I moved to Dallas and checked out a 24hr fitness place to work out... I learned i need a FOB to get into the gym ... I used to have one (years ago) but lost it (years ago). So, on top of Monthly dues there's a FOB fee ... They said if I know anyone with an old FOB that they don't use anymore they can reprogram that for a new user ... Anyone have an old FOB key they don't need or use? :P b...
My classroom is looking for some donations to stock our job skills centers. We are specifically looking for the following, but could make use of any misc. office/leisure/furniture/book/craft/etc. items you would care to donate! I can meet up locally or items can be dropped off at NSHS for the DLC. Thank you so much!!! *colored paper clips *red/blue/black pens...THEY DON'T NEED TO WORK! I just n...
Need 2 android phones and 1 iphone 5 or 6 if possible... Unlocked carrier would be preferred for possible future active service Looking to help two friends that rely on wifi... they need new devices in order to keep connection...
In need of womens size 6-1/2 or 7 shoes and womens young adult size 10 pants... Size large shirts
I'm a Computer Science student, to help me on my way I've been working on old computers. When I get them into working condition, I give them to friends and family as gifts. Though, rarely are even broken computers free. So I've lost more money than my good feeling of giving a gift and accomplishment are able to repay. I'm willing to take any Windows computer, laptop, desktop, Windows 7, Windows...
I'd like to have any left over ceramic tiles you may have and don't know what to do with. I bought this junky table and would like to try and mosaic the top. Any color, size, broken or chipped doesn't matter. I will pick up in Albany. Thanks for your consideration.
Wanted SDA Bible Commentary set
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